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Wordshark 5 Downloads


Wordshark 5 Downloads


Product Description

WORDSHARK 5.0 is Windows and Macintosh* compatible, available in Stand Alone DVD , USB and Download . This page is for downloads.

Can Wordshark Download Edition be used with more than one child?

The 'HOME Download' licence will allow you to set-up up to 2 student accounts. Students will then be able to work at their own level and keep their personal settings and a record of their progress. By contrast the DVD and USB editions allow unlimited student accounts.

PLEASE NOTE: When you order you will receive your download instructions and licence by email from us. This email will be from a human(!) so please do not expect an instant download upon purchase. Downloads are not refundable. Thank you

Note 1. : The Wordshark 5.0 PC or Windows edition program for home and schools in either DVD or USB media format is accessed by clicking here.

Note 2. : The Wordshark 5.0 PC or Windows Network edition (multi-user licences)for schools program is accessed by clicking here.

Note 3. : The White Space® Remedial Numeracy program Numbershark 5.0  is available in both DVD and USB media editions and as a download, as well as a multi-user Network edition for schoolrooms. Click here for Numbershark 5.0 DVD and USB editions.

View a comprehensive collection of Wordshark 5 videos hosted by White Space by clicking here.

Watch a YouTube video of Wordshark 5 by clicking here.

Wordshark is a major teaching resource used widely in Australian schools. It combines the excitement of computer games with the serious task of learning to read and spell. Wordshark 5.0 now has 60 different games and 9000 pre-recorded words and sounds arranged over 6 alternative courses using sound, graphics and text in a multi-sensory approach1 to practice word recognition and spelling. The games and pre-recorded words have been targeted to assist those with specific learning difficulties (Dyslexia), but many teachers have found the program to be very useful for general literacy training2,3, with an increasing number of schools installing network versions for whole classroom training.


What's New In Wordshark 5

  • Simple fast sign on
  • Easy switch between games and word lists
  • New screen for student management with many new features
  • Tracking of students' progress using a baseline and re-test
  • Ways to bulk add/delete students
  • Exporting of records to an Excel format
  • Recommended games for all word lists in all courses
  • Ability to import/export and share your own word lists
  • Feature to add your own images to your lists
  • A facility to add definitions or translations to your word list
  • Overview of all teachers' set work

The games provide high motivation and interest, with each game helping with one or more aspects of reading and spelling. Games are included to emphasis rules for suffixes, plurals, syllable division, dictionary skills and word shapes.

The Structured Courses:

  • A course to support 'Letters and Sounds' in the UK government phonics program
  • An easy-to-follow course to support the UK's 2014 national curriculum spellings
  • The Wordshark course (default) - a structured sequential course
  • Alpha to Omega - following the structure of the book Alpha to Omega, by Beve Hornsby, Frula Shear and Julie Pool, ed. (and author), 5th Rev.Ed., 1999, Heinemann
  • Secondary school subject lists
  • Everyday vocabulary lists - especially useful for EAL
  • High frequency words
  • An alphabet and dictionary skills course

You can easily add your own words for learners to practice and the program keeps student records too. The new say word games within Reading games are best used with a high quality noise-cancelling microphone and/or headset.

Suitable for home and school use, from Prep to Young Adult.

Interactive white-boards & touch screens: Wordshark (and Numbershark) from release 3.05 work well with these. Wordshark 5.0 is accredited for use with the major interactive white-board suppliers, and as far as we are aware work well with all other interactive white-boards. For e.g. with 'Wordsearch': Use the 'screen blind' or 'shutter' facility to cover the wordsearch (but not the wordlist), and then reveal it half a line at a time. This focuses the eyes on a single line, but also allows learners to think about ascenders.

Teaching Aid: Some parents & teachers like to use paper-based records and a few have asked for Excel® spreadsheet format records. A set of records for the Alpha to Omega lists, in Excel® 2002 format, are available by clicking here. This file may be used within Excel®, or printed out for non-electronic use. We suggest that if you wish to use these, you tailor the columns to your own requirements. The sheets have been used for a single pupil (recording where they are for reading, spelling, understanding of vocabulary, ability to sign/vocalise). They have been used equally successfully for recording progress of groups of children.

Wordshark 5.0 Manual: This is now available as a printable pdf manual on the DVD media rather than an A4 printed manual as with previous Wordshark editions. Individual pages can also be selected to print Word Lists and other resources. The 'Getting Started with Wordshark Guide' is incorporated into an A5 'Introductory Manual' included in the software package.

Minimum System Requirements: click here for a full list of compatible Windows and Macintosh OS's.

Windows and Macintosh* Dual Platform Download, compatible with Windows 10 and Macintosh OSX 10.13 (High Sierra). See the link directly above for compatibility of the Download with PC's running earlier Windows and Macintosh OS's

Important Note for Android / Kindle /iPad / Windows 8 RT Tablets & similar:
These are not currently compatible with our large programs, which need a Microsoft or Mac OSX computer, so we are unable to support running on these. However, school technicians may wish to experiment with running remote desktop/RDP from our version 5 networked products to such devices. This has been reported to work, though very dependent on the skills of the technician and the network infrastructure.


Please select either 'Australia Post Trackable Satchel' or 'Signature on Delivery' for your preferred freight option (NB: Freight charge for a single Trackable Satchel will show as an additional line item and is $11 Australia-wide or $14 for 'Signature on Delivery' Australia-wide). After product, quantity (default value is 1) and freight selection click the 'Add to Cart' button. This takes you to the registration & payment pages where you can choose to pay by credit card (secure PAYPAL system) or direct deposit. Customers can also place an order online then phone (038682 9945) their credit card details through to finalise the transaction or simply phone in their complete order details during business hours (9-5.30 Mon-Fri).


School ordering of Stand Alone or USB Single Computer version.
Schools, hospitals and other government bodies may fax a purchase order to East West (03 9017 8931) rather than use the online ordering system. Payment is on receipt of the invoice obtained with the delivered goods. See the table directly below for the final ex. GST price that eligible organisations will pay after recovering the initial GST outlay.
For up to 10 students and >10 in schools, the Wordshark Network Edition for 10 users & > is recommended (lower cost/student and other reasons) and that program and ordering can be accessed by clicking here.

Prices below as from 1/1/21


No. of UsersPackage ContentsPrice ex. GST
Price inc. GST
Single User DownLoad Version-Home User
setup for 2 students
electronic download, licence 217.30 239.00
Single USB  Version

USB Flash Drive, 1 Manual 380.00 418.00
Single User Download Ver Education/Tutor  Unlimited Students
electronic download, licence 320.00 352.00
Three User Download Ver Education/Tutor  Unlimited Students
electronic download, licence 780.00 858.00
Five User DownLoad Version

electronic download, licence 1298.00 1180.00
10 users & > - Network Version 1 Network DVD, 2 Manuals,
User licence
Go to Wordshark 5 Network Version page


  1. The article: 'Wordshark : A Tool to Help Dyslexia' authored by Sharon Dominica was updated (2012) on the Bright Hub website. Also see Sharon's article on multi-sensory learning by clicking here.
  2. A recent (2011) review with content and classroom evaluation of Wordshark 4 has been published online from
  3. There is a recent recommendation (2012) for Wordshark for learning support teachers on the website Learning2read. Other useful links are also displayed here.
  4. A 2011 article in TESConnect (Times Education Supplement), entitled "IT behind astounding gains in spelling' was published on the website This article was also published in The Scotsman newspaper in the same year.
  5. A classroom teaching evaluation of Wordshark 3 with usability tips is available online from This review by Patricia Fielding of St Josephs Secondary College, Co. Mayo Ireland, is also available as part of a book chapter titled 'The Software Jungle - Software and its Application' from the same website or conveniently as an edited ^PDF version from our website by clicking here. A file within that website that may also be useful is Wordshark teaching exemplar in ^PDF format that can also be downloaded.
  6. An abstract of a paper titled 'An evaluation of Wordshark in the classroom', by Chris Singleton and Fiona Simmons presented at the 5th BDA International Conference is available as a ^download by clicking here. Additionally, a paper of the same title by these authors published in Brit. J. Educ. Tech., 2001, 32, 317-330, can be purchased online from the Wiley Online Library. Select the journal followed by its publication year then the June issue. Scroll down to the fifth Original Article.
  7. More brief reviews are available as a ^download by clicking here.
  8. The Guardian, EDUCATION - Tuesday, 12 January 1999.
    "Wordshark not only teaches spelling, it is one of those programs that teachers instantly recognise as having educational integrity. It supports not only a phonic and visual style of learning spelling, but also a kinaesthetic approach-and it's fun"
  9. BETT (British Education & Training Technology), the organisers of the world?s largest annual educational technology exhibition in London have published a short online profile of White Space, the developers of Wordshark. See BETT Review.
  10. The April, 2009 publication of the'Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum: Final Report', chaired by Sir James Rose, was available from the UK's Department of Children, Schools and Families' website as a ^PDF file but it no longer seems to be available. The Rose Report is likely to influence the teaching of literacy for struggling primary school students for some years to come in the UK.
  11. The Dyslexia Action group in the UK has followed up the most recent Rose Review with a response paper titled 'Key Recommendations of the Rose Review' which can be viewed by clicking here.

Further Literacy & Dyslexia Reading:

  1. A recent (12th June, 2018) article in the Association for Psychological Science - 'Beyond the ‘Reading Wars’: How the Science of Reading Can Improve Literacy' is a new scientific report from an international team of psychological researchers which aims to resolve the so-called “reading wars,” emphasizing the importance of teaching phonics in establishing fundamental reading skills in early childhood. The report, published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, shows how early phonics skills are advanced with a rich reading curriculum throughout the school years. A copy of the article can be obtained here.
  2. A recent (27th November, 2011) newspaper article in the ScotsmanonSunday - 'Teachers hi-tech tools give hope to dyslexic children' reports on an innovative 5-year study in a Scottish primary school with 80 dyslexic pupils in a school of 750. Dr Fiona Lyon, lead teacher in the study, said gains using traditional methods had been marginal, while success using the computer programmes had been astounding. The study therefore confirms that a significant breakthrough in helping children with dyslexia can be acvhieved with IT in the cirriculum. Specifically Wordshark and City Education software were employed in the study.
  3. A recent report titled 'Helping people with dyslexia: a national action agenda', by the Dyslexia Action Forum, is available online as a ^PDF download by clicking here. This important report published in January, 2010 comments in part on the recent Australian Government National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy (see iii below). The report was prepared by a Working Party of 8 from 24 representatives from dyslexia interest groups who expressed concern that dyslexia is not recognized as a specific disability under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and that the education and employment systems do not recognize or support people with dyslexia. The Forum was convened by the Hon. Bill Shorten, Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children’s Services in 2008.
  4. A research paper titled 'Learning to Read in Australia', by Professor Max Coltheart and Professor Margaret Prior, published by the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, in the Occasional Paper Series ( No.1, January, 2007, hint: click on Occasional Paper under Publications then scroll down to No. 1, 2007) is available online as a ^PDF download by clicking here. This important paper comments in part on the recent Australian Government National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy. The inquiry report titled 'Teaching Reading' has been published as a book (2005) which is available from the National Library of Australia, see National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy.
  5. The SPELDNSW website gives much useful specific learning difficulties information online.
  6. What is Dyslexia? Specialist groups in each Australian state can help parents with diagnosis. In particular, key 'SPELD' into your web browser to find links to each state organisation.
  7. The Dyslexia-Speld Foundation of WA has a website with several learning difficulties discussion topics of interest and is accessed by clicking here.
  8. The Final Report of the Literacy and Numeracy Review (released March, 2007) is available as a ^pdf download from our website by Literacy and Numeracy Review.

^Unless otherwise installed on your PC, a PDF reader program will be required to view our PDF's from our online catalog. For the Adobe Reader® website link Click Here.

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