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SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2


SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2


Product Description


Please note: SwitchIt! Jigsaw maker 2 software is downloadable software delivered via email within 2-3 days of receipt of order.

Learners who use switches to access a computer need a range of software in order to motivate them to develop their ability to use switches. The computer can also give them relative independence in learning new concepts. The SwitchIt! series from Inclusive Technology is designed to help switch users develop and demonstrate understanding of language concepts, as well as develop their ability to use switches.

Also see SwitchIt! Maker 2, the powerful program to turn text, images, movies and sounds into simple on-screen activities.

Create your own puzzles with SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2, the easy to use program that turns your pictures into exciting new activities for your learners.

This is a great way of converting your own photographs or other computer images into on-screenjigsawpuzzles. Pictures can be cut into two, four, or nine piece puzzles. Thejigsaws can be completed in 4 ways, which provides activities with a finely graded progression in skill level:

  • Just press a switch to build the picture
  • Click on any piece - it will jump into place
  • Find the piece that fits a pre-selected place
  • Drag a piece into the correct place.

The major NEW feature in SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2 is the new way of adding your own pictures. This is now so easy that young children and those with severe learning difficulties can put their own pictures in themselves.

SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2 can even take your pictures straight from your digital camera (requires a modern digital camera that plugs in to a USB socket in your computer) or the Digital Movie Creator 2.

You can now add your own music or personalised voice message to go with each picture. Players can now make a jigsaw puzzle of their favourite pop star, then hear their latest hit as a reward. Alternatively, those adding pictures of their family or school can also add some voice over commentary to go with them. This feature makes SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2 very rewarding for students who may find it difficult to provide evidence of achievement by traditional methods.

Other features include:

  • A new folder system to keep your pictures organised by class or subject
  • Facilities to transfer your picture sets from one computer to another. This can also be used to retain "interactive" evidence of achievement for learners who have added their own pictures to SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2.
  • A sorting feature to control the order that pictures appear
  • Printing features which print out your pictures with jigsaw lines on them, ready for cutting out. This gives lots of opportunity to extend SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2 away from the computer.
  • Ready-made jigsaws and a library of photos and music clips so you can start making your own jigsaws straight away

SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2 allows you to create customised activities that meet the exact needs of your students. It is designed with ease of use in mind, to ensure that you can concentrate on teaching rather than computing, and includes a number of ready-made activities to get you started. The puzzles can be completed using a switch, mouse or touch screen and can be configured to suit the needs of each user.

System requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, CDROM Drive

Testing on non-RT variants of Windows 8 is on-going

MSI Installer Included

Not compatible with Windows RT Windows RT is a version of Microsoft Windows built to run on ARM-based tablets and PCs. It works exclusively with apps available from the Windows Store.

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