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Phonics Alive! 6 Typing


Phonics Alive! 6 Typing


Product Description

About The Program

Computers play an ever increasing role in today's technological world. Children are being introduced to computers at an ever decreasing age. Therefore the learning of keyboarding skills is crucial. Phonics Alive! 6 Typing teaches Primary age children to use a keyboard correctly. It does so by blending tried and tested traditional teaching methods with the entertaining and interactive capabilities of a modern computer program. The student is taken on an underwater journey and with the assistance of Qwerty, the submarine's resident penguin, they learn to touch type in short, simple stages. Practice activities such as conducting the Marine Choir and defending the submarine from the Crab Invaders, increase key boarding skills in a fun and absorbing way. Once the basic lessons are mastered the program offers a speed and accuracy test to give students and teachers a traditional benchmark on which to judge their progress.

Colour Coded Keys

To assist the teaching process, colours are assigned to each finger and corresponding colour coded keys are used on the on-screen keyboard. In addition transparent on-screen hands further show which finger to use for each key. To reinforce the colour codes, coloured keyboard stickers are provided with the program. These are attached to the student\'s keyboard and serve to make the verbal instructions clearer. At the end of each module the student is encouraged to colour in the keys they have just learned on the printed keyboard chart provided. New keyboard charts can be printed from within the program.


With people in all professions spending more and more time at the keyboard, correct posture is extremely important. The program takes the time to explain how to position oneself at the keyboard and continually encourages the student to check their posture at the start of each lesson.

Computer Voice Direction

The student is guided through the program by a teacher voiceover. In a relaxed style, this voiceover encourages students to complete tasks, explaining the correct procedures and touch typing practice.

Student Results

Unseen to the student, the program records all of their actions and presents these for later analysis by a teacher though an administration section. Progress is tracked so that the program will take returning students back to where they last left off.

The Control room

The comprehensive, easy-to-use navigation system has been well tried and tested with other members of the Phonics Alive! family. In Phonics Alive! 6, the Control Room's navigation dial provides easy direct access to the program's 22 modules. The Control Room's Name List keeps track of individual student's progress, and places them at their next task from whichever task they last completed. The administration section allows teachers to add, or remove, names of classes and students, and to access student results. In our computer-focused world the learning of key boarding skills is crucial. Children who complete Phonics Alive! 6 Typing will have a sound basis for the development of further computing skills.

System Requirements: Mac/WinXP. Not recommended for Windows NT 4.0, except it can certainly be used as a file server for the programs in a multiuser environment such as a school.

Windows and Macintosh Dual Platform CDROM

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