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Numbershark 5 USB


Numbershark 5 USB


Product Description

NUMBERSHARK 5.0 is Windows and Macintosh compatible, available in USB media editions and as a download.

Note 1. : The Numbershark 5.0 Windows or Macintosh download edition for single or 5 PC's (no physical wedia) program is accessed by clicking here.

Note 2. : The Numbershark 5.0 Windows (Mac not avalable) Network download edition for schools (no physical media) is accessed by clicking here.

Watch a set of YouTube tutorial videos of Numbershark 5 by clicking here.

Numbershark remains a very popular program with anyone improving basic numeracy skills and understanding and for remedial numeracy (for dyscalculia4). The latest version 5 has 9 new games. It will address many difficulties that lead students to dislike maths, including poor:

  • short-term memory
  • attention span
  • sequencing skills

The effectiveness of Numbershark in addressing these difficulties has lead to an increasing number of Australian schools installing network versions for whole classroom training.


The program features around 50 totally different games covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Additionally Numbershark 5 has now included 9 new games and new topics (see below) in ways which add meaning and understanding to the operations.
The games are played with your chosen units of work (topics) from a finely graded list of over 500; each topic generates a new set of sums every time you play the game, and printing of a wide range of customisable worksheets is possible for additional reinforcement.


  • The units of work or "topics" form the structured course. They address each of the number operations. Topics covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole number are broken down into very small steps, isolating one new level of activity at a time. Learned facts are linked to new ones.
  • Numbershark generates a new set of "sums" for each topic as it is selected. The games for each topic may be reinforced with a wide range of customisable worksheets.
  • Numbers range from zero to seven digits.
  • The 500 topics offer a finely graded structured course with clear examples given on screen to help you select appropriate work.
  • Each of the topics can be accessed directly.

New Topics - covering fractions, decimals and percentages include:

  • the difficulties in recognising and drawing different fractions
  • the concept of equivalent fractions and mixed numbers and conversion one to another
  • calculations using fractions

Note: Decimals are shown visually. Calculations involve all 4 operations for 3 places of decimals.

More New Topics are:

  • Units of measurements - new topics practice conversion between different decimal units of measurement
  • Negative numbers - numbers to minus 10 have been introduced on a simple scale and number line.
  • Partition - 2 new games use partition to solve addition and multiplication up to 3 digits.
  • Printing of worksheets has been extended to include fractions and decimals.
  • Administrators can easily set up local currency in Australian $'s for money calculations.

For the teacher:

Managing your students has never been easier. Numbershark 5 allows you to specify and record games and topics for each student. You can also change individual access options such as speed. Help screens can be shown alongside any games as you play them and student's scores can be recorded for monitoring progression and performance. Also, this new version is now multi administrator compatible, allowing work to be set by different teachers for the same students. Many schools are installing the network versions for 10 and >10 concurrent users which also greatly simplifies student record administration.


Interactive white-boards & touch screens: Numbershark (and Wordshark) from release 3.05 work well with these. Numbershark 5 is accredited for use with the major interactive white-board suppliers, and as far as we are aware works well with all other interactive white-boards.

Numbershark combines motivation and enjoyment within a structured learning process. Its bright colours, animations and choice of games will motivate students and provide them with an enjoyable learning experience.


Easy, compatible and lots of fun.

Suitable for Age 5 to 14.


  • The USB product offers a versatile single user licence which allows the program to be accessed on any computer with an open USB port.
  • There is no need to install the program onto the computer so by simply plugging the USB into the port users can access Numbershark wherever they need to.
  • The unique advantage of the USB is that all user data is stored back on the USB itself. Student records and any new word lists created are saved on the USB allowing full mobility between different computers.

These features make the USB option ideal for situations where either the students or teachers require the flexibility to use the programs on different computers and/or at different locations such as home, school or study centres.

It enables teachers to ‘manage’ the programs from home by allowing them to set work, review pupil records and create word lists.

The USB stick can then be taken back into the school to use on a whiteboard computer, for example, or for setting work for a child who is off school.

 Can Numbershark be used with more than one child?

USB and DVD media allow for virtually unlimited student accounts. Students will then be able to work at their own level and keep their personal settings and a record of their progress.Whereas the 'HOME Download' licence will only allow you to set-up up to 2 student accounts.

Minimum System Requirements: click here for a full list of compatible Windows and Macintosh OS's.

Windows and Macintosh* Dual Platform USB media

The Stand Alone (single user) DVD when used in a Macintosh PC must also be in the CD/DVD drive whilst the program is running. Similarly the dual Platform USB stick must also be in a USB 2/3 port while the program is running. Allow time for all data to be written to the USB before formally dismounting the USB.

NB: We strongly recommend that the Numbershark USB be always connected to the USB port of the PC by the short USB cable accessory and always withdraw the cable end from the PC and leave the cable attached to the USB stick as much as possible. This is to prevent damage to the Numbershark USB in two ways. Firstly the USB connector of the stick itself suffers less wear and tear and also by helping to prevent damage since the cable connector makes the USB stick itself more 'floppy'.

Important Note for Android / Kindle /iPad / Windows 8 RT Tablets & similar:
These are not currently compatible with our large programs, which need a Microsoft or Mac OSX computer, so we are unable to support running on these. However, school technicians may wish to experiment with running remote desktop/RDP from our version 5 networked products to such devices. This has been reported to work, though very dependent on the skills of the technician and the network infrastructure.


Prices below as from 1/3/20


No. of UsersPackage ContentsPrice ex. GST
Price inc. GST
Single USB Flash Media Ver.
USB Flash Drive, 1 Manual 300.00 330.00

Single Home User download by email

(2 student setup)

Electronic download and licence 190.00 209.00

Single User download by email 

(Education/Tutor unlimited students)

Electronic download and licence 250.00 275.00
Three User Education/Tutor download by email .Please contact :[email protected] Electronic download and licence 600.00 660.00
Five User download by email .Please contact :[email protected] Electronic download and licence 980.00 1078.00



  1. An independent content and classroom evaluation of Numbershark 4 has recently been published online from
  2. A 2014 short buying guide-type of review of Numbershark 5 was published online in
  3. A recent TimesOnLine article (2006) titled Inside story: dyscalculia which discusses aspects of dyscalculia, but which is now unable to be accessed, is instead able to be viewed online as a ^pdf from East West Online. The DysTalk website is a useful resource for dyscalculia articles and news with a great video presentation by speech and language therapist Jane Emerson.
  4. An abstract of a paper titled 'The mathematical strengths and weaknesses of children with dyslexia', by Fiona R. Simmons and Chris Singleton is available as a ^download by clicking here. A copy of the full paper is published in J. Research. Spec. Ed. Needs., 2009, 9, 154-163, and can be purchased online from the Wiley Online Library. Select the journal followed by its publication year then the November issue. Scroll down to the second Original Article.

^Unless otherwise installed on your PC, a PDF reader program will be required to view our PDF's from our online catalog. For the Adobe Reader® website link Click Here.

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