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Numbershark 5 - PC Networks -Multi Users Licences


Numbershark 5 - PC Networks -Multi Users Licences


Product Description

Watch a set of YouTube tutorial videos of Numbershark 5 by clicking here.

The network version is recommended in schools because:

  • The network version allows students to log on to any connected PC and access their own user data, lists and records
  • The network version simplifies teacher administration
  • Unlike the "stand-alone" version there is no need for the DVD to be in the local DVD drive (one DVD drive anywhere on the network is needed on the initial install only)
    • It follows that the network version may be used for networked computers that do not have a DVD drive, and in organizations where access to CD / DVD drives is 'locked down' for restricted users
  • The number of users network site licence purchased is the maximum number of concurrent users of the program across the network (or a given number of computers using the program concurrently) within the school boundaries
    • However, any size network licence purchased allows for an almost unlimited number of individual student records across the network

Numbershark 5 Network Version may be installed to run from the server or from clients or both. The program works with most 3rd party network security packages, but please check with White Space Support to confirm.

Server issues and Comments:

  • Microsoft Server 2003 & 2008: No known issues for network versions
  • Windows XP service pack 2: No known issues for network versions
  • Windows Vista: No known issues for network versions, though note that setting permissions work slightly differently from earlier operating systems
  • Terminal Services/Thin Client networks: Potential issues, please contact White Space support directly by .
    • Thin Client networks: We are aware of several school and college networks running Wordshark & Numbershark successfully using Thin Client / Windows Terminal Services. In a couple of schools, a slow server, and/or low spec soundcard or graphics card, and/or lack of bandwidth has resulted in jerky graphics or sound and intermittent freezing. If you have a thin client network, please contact White Space Support before purchase.
  • MS®Windows 8 has been superceded by "Windows 10"
    • The latest network version of Numbershark, release 5, has been tested on a school running the full release of Windows 7 system (with Server 2008). Everything worked as intended. Nothing was picked up as incompatible, so XP Compatibility mode has not been tested. Numbershark 4.03 & 4.05, Wordshark 3s.09 and Numbershark 3.09 also appear to work fully as intended. We are unable to guarantee all earlier releases of Wordshark and Numbershark, and would advise that versions earlier than the above are upgraded if you are migrating to Windows 7.

Interactive white-boards & touch screens: Numbershark (and Wordshark) from release 3.05 work well with these. Numbershark 5 is accredited for use with the major interactive white-board suppliers, and as far as we are aware works well with all other interactive white-boards.


Network User Numbers:

  • Schools should buy a licence based on the required maximum number of students who will use the program at any one time. (concurrent users)
  • PCs - Network server 2003, 2008R2 are supported


Network Administrator Notes: 

The network versions are not dual format and are only available for a PC (Windows) platform. There is no longer a Macintosh network version, but multiple user prices are available as a multi-user download in lots of 5 users for Mac computers. See single user page.


No. of UsersPackage ContentsPrice ex. GST
Price inc. GST
Network 10 Network Licence, Download 1354.00 1490.50
Network 15 Network Licence, Download 1560.00 1716.00
Network 20 Network Licence, Download 1750.00 1925.00
Network 25 Network Licence, Download 1950.00 2145.00
Network 30 Network Licence, Download 2080.00 2288.00
Network 40 Network Licence, Download 2500.00 2750.00
Network 50 Network Licence, Download 2980.00 3278.00

For the Network version you can use our online ordering selector at the bottom of the page under 'Available Options'. The 'No. of Users' menu shows the options followed by the $ increase in price over the 10-User licence (see table below). After selection click on the 'Add to Cart' button with the No. of packs also selected (default value is 1). This takes you to the registration & payment pages where you can choose to pay by credit card (secure PAYPAL system) or direct deposit. Customers can also place an order online then phone (03 8682 9945) their credit card details through to finalise the transaction or simply phone in their complete order details during business hours (9-5.30 Mon-Fri).
Many organisations will choose to fax or email a purchase order to East West Online (03 9017 8931) as each licence is issued individually and takes about 5 working days to complete. Prices for all Numbershark versions shown on the online ordering selectors at the bottom of the page include 10% GST, which schools and other eligible GST exempt organisations can recover..

Additional licences can be purchased later, though the cost of these is greater than if included in the original network purchase. Existing network users can order a 5 extra user licence online below or schools can fax through a school purchase order in the usual way. Please quote your existing network licence number either way.

For network licences for >50 users please ring East West.


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