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Number Mix


Number Mix


Product Description

Number Mix is one part of Early Years Mix, a comprehensive software suite for early learners with three levels of difficulty. Number Mix is available to buy separately.

Number Mix has nine activities including number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction.

Press a Number - Press a number on the number line and the program will count out that number of objects.

How Many? - Find the correct numeral for the number of objects on the screen.

Open the Packages - Count the dots and find the matching number on the number line to gradually open the surprise package.

Car Racing - Here, children learn to recognize numbers on the cars and find the same number on the number line. When they find the right number the barrier opens and the car can pass through. If they choose the wrong number or are too slow the barrier closes and the car crashes! The more correct answers the child gets the faster the game goes.

Count and Paint - Correct answers for the calculations gradually colour in and complete a picture.

Dot to Dot - Learn number sequences. Click from do to dot in number order to complete a picture.

Iceland - Practice counting up to 9. Seals and penguins jump in and out of the water in order to demonstrate the number.

Count - Practice addition and subtraction with objects.

Caterpillar - Listen to and follow spoken instructions. A voice tells the child the number they should click on and then which of the items they must press. For example, “3 ears”. When the image is complete the caterpillar walks out of the picture to music.


When you place your order you will receive download and licence instructions by email from us. This email will be from a human(!) so please do not expect an instant download upon purchase. Thank you.

The program can be used with a mouse, eye gaze or touch screen.


Windows 7, 8 & 10 - Download

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