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Memory Quest Flex


Memory Quest Flex


Product Description

NB** Memory Flex quest is only available as a downloadable product. 


Memory Quest Flex is software that is designed to train and improve the working memory of students with concentration difficulties, poor working memory, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyspraxia or other learning difficulties.

For Windows, Mac and tablets. This program needs Internet access to work. Please see the bottom of the page for more system requirement details.

View a Memory Quest Flex YouTube demo by clicking here

Download a free 3 week trial by clicking here.

The software includes ten modules with eight different exercises in each. The difficulty level of the exercises adjusts automatically following the student’s performance, so that the demand on the student’s working memory constantly increases.

Memory Quest Flex includes auditory instructions and is at a pre-reading-and-writing level. The software is designed for students of all ages and has a varying reward system to motivate and stimulate the student during training.

Memory Quest Flex can be configured to suit different users. Daily, weekly and final results can be saved and printed.

You can also try all the exercises without logging in and read explanatory notes on the various components of the software.

Memory Quest Flex has been developed by a team consisting of psychologists, special needs teachers, software developers, illustrators, musicians and with the help of external specialised expertise.

This program needs Internet access to work.

More information on the program and free material to download can be found on the Flex website. You can also request a trial of the software.


Licence Options

School site - valid for one year from the order.

For schools, the number of pupils enrolled determines the licence. Students can work with Flex Online both at school and at home.

  • School site: small (School site: medium (150-300 students) = 50 active students, 300 student profiles*.
  • School site: large (>300 students) = 80 active students, 500 student profiles*.
  • Special education licence - valid for one year from the order.
  • Special education licence = 5 active students, 20 student profiles*.
  • Individual training - Home licence for one person for 25 training sessions (for two months).

* "Active students" means the number of students that can simultaneously use the software. "Student Profiles" means the number of student profiles that can simultaneously exist.

Download version works with PCs, Macs and Tablets.


No. of Users Licence per Year Price ex GST
Single User Download 2 months use, 99.00
Special Education User Special Education Download
5 Active Students (20 profiles)
Small Site less than 150 students 399.00
1 Yr Medium Site
150-300 Students
I Yr Large Site
>300+ Students

PLEASE NOTE: Only the HOME user version can be ordered and paid for online. All school orders must be by email, fax or phone and be accompanied by a school purchase order. When you place your order you will receive download and licence instructions by email from us. This email will be from a human(!) so please do not expect an instant download upon purchase. Thank you.

Free trial: Request a three week free trial - see earlier link

Visit the Working Memory Training home page for background, research and information on our other working memory training software, Memory Games Junior and Memory Games Senior. You may also be interested in the Memory Quest website.

PLEASE NOTE: When you order you will receive your download instructions and licence by email from us. This email will be from a human(!) so please do not expect an instant download upon purchase. Downloads are not refundable. Thank you.

Accessibility mouse, a touch screen, a keyboard

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Mac, iPad, Android tablets - if you need to check compatibility with your system please contact the Flex developers who can arrange a free trial. Internet access required.

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