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Maths Circus Act 5


Maths Circus Act 5


Product Description

An extended version of Maths Circus Act 2, with twice as many levels, new graphics and more!

Best-selling software Maths Circus and Maths Circus Act 2 and Act 3, its sequels, are among the most popular educational software packages to have been written in Australia. They are now used in many countries around the world.

**If you want a school site licence just purchase two copies of the same edition**

Maths Circus Act 5 presents twelve new puzzles, each with twice as many levels as before.

Twice as many puzzles

The puzzles in Maths Circus Act 5 each have ten levels ? five basic and five advanced.

The basic levels are especially designed for children in the early years of schooling.

The advanced levels are suitable for the middle and upper primary years and beyond, with the hardest of these advanced levels providing a real challenge to people of any age.


Each puzzle starts out at a very simple level which introduces the controls and helps the student identify the problem. More elements are added as the level gets higher.

The highest level puzzles have been designed to challenge even the most experienced problem solvers.

Maths Circus Act 5 places emphasis on developing spatial, logial and sequencing skills, as well as including problems which encourage facility with numbers.

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