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Maths Circus Act 4


Maths Circus Act 4


Product Description

The Maths Circus software series has been extremely popular ever since the publication of Act 1 in 1993, and is now used in schools around the world to help children enjoy mathematics and develop their problem-solving skills.

**If you want a school site licence just purchase two copies of the same edition**


As with Act 3, each of the twelve puzzles in Maths Circus Act 4 has ten levels of difficulty ranging from the very simple through to the very challenging. This makes it suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.

The puzzles, loosely based on the ideas first met in the original Act 1, have been extended to cover a wider range of difficulty and with many new challenges. Some puzzles are totally new, while others have new twists to them.

There are five basic levels for children in the early years of schooling, and then five advanced levels for those who are ready for more of a challenge. In many puzzles, the hardest level will present a challenge to students of any age group - and perhaps even the teacher! However the software comes with a "hints and solutions" manual in case you get stuck.


Many mathematical topics are covered including positive and negative numbers, addition, multiplication, sums involving money, 2- and 3-dimensional geometry, sorting by colour and shape, the physics of pendulums and trajectories, and even programming sequences of movements.

More importantly, Maths Circus Act 4 challenges and encourages students to think for themselves.


The package includes worksheets that can be photo-copied for classroom use, a booklet of hints and solutions, and an installation and user guide. All these are also on the CD in PDF format.

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