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KAZ Typing Software (Standard Home Edition)


KAZ Typing Software (Standard Home Edition)


Product Description

KAZ Typing Software

(Standard Home Edition)


KAZ’s NEW award winning typing software is suitable for ages 6+ and offers a simple and effective way of learning how to type.

The program uses a unique and proven ‘accelerated learning’ teaching method. Incorporating both 'muscle memory' and 'brain balance', it engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall - which is why it is so effective.

Using specific combinations and progressions of just 11 words in 5 scientifically structured phrases, the method trains the fingers on both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously – a direct result of both hemispheres of the brain working at the same time – ‘brain balance’.

With repetition, reading, spelling and vocabulary are engrained to memory and with ‘muscle memory’ spellings become a series of finger movements and patterns on a keyboard, reducing the likelihood of transposing and misspelling words.

View Teach Kids How to Type Junior with KAZ YouTube demo by clicking here


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The Course is presented in a structured but light hearted manner in order to make learning fun and enjoyable. It solely focuses on teaching typing and does not include gaming or try to teach typing with other subjects, as research has proven that this splits concentration and in the case of SEN users, may overload the ‘working memory’.


The program offers both spoken and written instruction and includes ‘speaking keys’ covering the a-z keys. It is delivered in 5 short modules, in orderto hold interest and concentration. The user is allowed to progress at their own pace, acquiring the skill and gaining speed and accuracy without even realising it. Additionally, a visual of the keyboard is always on the screen, encouraging the user to look up at the screen and not down at their fingers (so there is no need to cover hands or keyboard).


The 5 Modules Include:-

Flying Start – an introduction to the course - includes simple and consistent site navigation.


The Basics – consists of 5 scientifically structured and trademarked phrases, teaching the a-z keys and ends with a simple test, which highlights keys that are proving troublesome.


Just Do It – reinforces the a-z keys and again ends with another test, highlighting keys that are still proving troublesome.


And The Rest – teaches the punctuation keys.


SpeedBuilder – is a simple, yet discretely challenging module, increasing speed and accuracy.


Our program is available in Junior, Adult and Family (5 licenses for the price of 3) editions - as a ‘Software Download’ for MAC or Windows, as an ‘Annual Online Subscription’ and the newly launched ‘SCORM Compliant’ version, for use within VLE’s and LMS’s.


Edition Version Price Inc. GST
Home Online 55.00
Home Download Windows 88.00
Home Download MAC 88.00
Junior Online 55.00
Junior Download Windows 88.00
Junior Download MAC 60.00
Family Online 165.00
Family Download Windows 240.00
Family Download MAC 240.00

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