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KAZ Guardian Angel


KAZ Guardian Angel


Product Description

KAZ Guardian Angel - Protecting YOU against RSI


KAZ Guardian Angel is a specifically designed program intended to protect you against Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).


The program is intentionally lighthearted and unobtrusive, yet addresses the serious issue of RSI and its preventative measures.


RSI is a debilitating condition used to describe a range of medical conditions caused by the repetitive action/overuse of part of the upper body (forearms, elbows, wrists, hands, neck and shoulders).


The symptoms can vary, but often include; pain or tenderness, stiffness, tingling or numbness, swelling and cramp in the muscles, nerves and tendons and can have devastating long term effects on the sufferer.


When typing for long periods without rest, problems can arise with the hands and wrists - which can be further exaggerated if posture and workstation set up is poor.


View RSI Protect Yourself While You Type YouTube demo by clicking here



KAZ Guardian Angel runs in the background of your computer, monitoring your use of the keyboard and mouse in any application and whenever set parameters are either met or exceeded, it interrupts you and initiates two different types of breaks.


  • A micro pause (10-30 seconds) - where you carry out simple exercises for hands, wrists or arms.
  • A longer or ‘away break’ (1-5 minutes) - following longer periods of typing and mouse use, encouraging you to move away from your PC and exercise.


The frequency of breaks and their duration have been set to a default. However, these settings can be changed to suit personal preferences of typists of varying abilities. The default settings are for general guidance only and have been reached through extensive research of RSI.


KAZ Guardian Angel is available as a Download for either MAC or PC.


 **Prices include GST**

Please email an order for purchasers who want more than 9 users. 

Guardian Angel per Workstation



$         24.00


$         20.00


$         16.00


$         12.00


$           8.00


$           4.00

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