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Jelly Beamer Wireless Twist Switch


Jelly Beamer Wireless Twist Switch


Product Description

Meet the Jelly Beamer Twist Wireless Switch! Think of it as a Jelly Bean Switch... Without the Wires

Now includes four interchangeable 'twist' tops. Changes from red to green to yellow to blue within second to suit the user of colour of the day!

This wireless switch from Ablenet Inc. is rugged, reliable and easy to use. Designed and built with the same hard wearing features you've come to expect from all AbleNet switches, the Jelly Beamer performs just like a traditional switch - without the hassle of cables.

Technology you already know

There is no great mystery to Jelly Beamer`s wireless technology. This powerful and infinitely portable switch uses the same technology found in found in wireless headsets for mobile phones and MP3 players, and in handheld devices, such as PDAs. Plus, like other wireless devices, the Jelly Beamer wireless switch features a power-saving sleep mode that dramatically extends its battery life yet is virtually undetectable to users.

Simple set-up. Immediate action

The Jelly Beamer Twist wireless switch has just two components: the Jelly Beamer switch that houses a transmitter, and the Jelly Beamer receiver that can be plugged into any switch-adapted device, from battery operated toys and electric appliances to your classroom`s digital camera or computer. Each switch is uniquely paired with its receiver, allowing multiple students to use their own Jelly Beamers at the same time, from as far away as 10 metres (30-feet), without interfering with one another.

Take the first step toward a wireless classroom

Let`s face it, the world is going wireless, and the Jelly Beamer makes it easy to take the first step toward the wireless classroom you have imagined.


  • One transmitter and one receiver
  • 6.4 cm switch activation surface
  • Tactile, visual and audible feedback
  • External switch jack on transmitter to let you connect your own switch
  • Mountable using:
    • Dual Lock Interlocking Tape for angled or vertical surfaces
    • Velcro Strap with the mounting slots on the Receiver
    • UltraStik Reusable Adhesive on flat surfaces
    • Slim Armstrong or Universal Switch Mounting System with the Small Rectangular Mounting Plate
    • Sensitrac and other mounting options
  • Wireless radio wave technology - no aiming necessary
  • Reliable performance from any position in the classroom up to 10 metres

The transmitter and receiver require 2 AA batteries each.

Without wires, the Jelly Beamer Twist can:

  • Easily be passed between students
  • Foster turn-taking and sharing
  • Provide everyone a turn on the computer or in cooking activities

No more worries about:

  • Clutter in the work area
  • Cords catching in the wheels of the wheelchairs
  • Cords distracting /taking away from student learning

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