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Product Description

Have fun building pictures with Happenings, from LaraMera, which has a wealth of delightful images on the subjects of music, animals, sport and jobs.

A simple cause and effect program, Happenings helps learners to develop visual perception and learn new concepts as well as improve their switch skills.

A cause and effect switch program with beautiful graphics, animation and sound rewards designed to help develop visual perception, early switch skills and language development.

There are 32 pictures that are built up in stages of pressing a switch, clicking a mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard. When a picture is complete a sound and animation will play.

Happenings starts with a menu with 4 different icons each symbolising the categories Music, Animals, Sports and Occupations. There are 8 different pictures in each category.

There are plenty of different settings to make in the program to adjust it for your needs.<?p>

  • You can allow the user to choose a picture from the menu or load a new picture automatically.
  • Choose if you want to see a detail or a whole figure in the buttons in the menus.
  • You can choose the number of buttons you want in the menus.
  • You can choose whether the pictures have backgrounds or not. Without background you will build up the figure that will animate.
  • With a background you will see, for the figure, relevant details to stimulate discussion.
  • You can set the number of presses to build up a picture.
  • You can build up the picture forwards or backwards.
  • You can decide how many times to loop the animation and you can set the animation speed.

Happenings is ideal for users with physical, cognitive and developmental problems.

Download Resources:

  1. A demonstration copy of Happenings is available from the Shiny Learning website. Please note the downloaded 'HappeningsDemo.exe' file should be opened, which will save this file and place the icon for it on your desktop. To run the demo, double click on this icon, which will install the demo program as a 'Happenings Demo' file icon on your PC desktop. Click on the latter icon to launch the Demo program..

PLEASE NOTE:When you order you will receive your download instructions and licence by email from us. This email will be from a human(!) so please do not expect an instant download upon purchase. Downloads are not refundable. Thank you..


The program can be used with a mouse, a touch screen, a keyboard or two switches.

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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