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Fitzroy Readers - Sounding Readers


Fitzroy Readers - Sounding Readers


Product Description

This software does just what a personal tutor would do only with infinite patience!

**If you want a site licence just purchase two copies of the same edition. **

It reads pages, repeats any word on request (in a different voice), lets the student creatively alter or rewrite any story and print it, and play word games with the vocabulary of each story.

What are the Fitzroy Readers

The Fitzroy Readers are a popular series of books for helping children learn to read.

They are based on a progressive phonic system, making them particularly successful with children whose progress with traditional readers is slow.

Each book introduces a new English sound-and-spelling pattern, as well as a few sight words that do not conform to phonic principles.

The printed books are available directly from Fitzroy Community School. They also produce other related print materials, including The Fitzroy Word Skills workbooks.

Phone (03) 9489 5700 or fax (03) 9482 3226 for details.

There are four Fitzroy Talking Stories CDs, each containing ten books:

No books included with these packs

  • Books 1-10(beginner level)
  • 1X-10X (beginner level)
  • Books 11-20 (more advanced level)
  • 21-30 (more advanced level)

The Fitzroy Sounding Readers software offers many useful features, including:

  • stories read in clear speech with Australian accents;
  • the ability to hear individual words spoken aloud by clicking on them;
  • a facility to enable children to write their own versions of the stories, hear them read aloud by the computer;
  • extensive teacher options, including the ability to create different user-groups, each with their own settings;
  • comprehensive tracking options, allow the teacher to monitor the progress of a whole group or of each individual;
  • questions and activities for every book.

It provides a clearly spoken reading of each story, and related activities and now sounds out the words rather than saying them as a whole word.

Each CD offers facilities to read and write stories, plus an extra activity to suit the child's level of skill. All images on the CD versions are in colour, with support for both colour and monochrome printers.


Children can hear each story read as often as they like and read along as they gain confidence. Each word is highlighted as it is read. If children wish to read by themselves they need only click on an unfamiliar word to hear it spoken by the computer.


Children can write their own version of the stories, then print them with or without the illustrations. The software can also read their story aloud.

Alphabet game

An alphabet game is included on the Books 1 -10X CD. This game helps children relate upper and lower case letters, and match the shapes of each letter with the corresponding sound and name.

Word Square

More experienced readers often enjoy the challenge of a word square, so software to make word squares has been included on the Books 11 -30 CD. Word square puzzles can be solved on the screen, or printed for off-computer use. The computer speaks the word after the child clicks on the correct letters in sequence. The words are chosen from the stories.

Teacher controls

Many aspects of the activities can be adjusted to suit students needs. Clues can be enabled or disabled, puzzles can be made suitably challenging, printing facilities can be turned on or off, the stories available can be restricted to a particular set and so on. Teacher settings can be protected by a password if necessary.

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