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Choose and Cook


Choose and Cook


Product Description

An easy, fun story based program about preparing healthy food and home kitchen management. Aimed primarily at non-readers with severe learning difficulties of all ages, and perfect for mainstream primary classes.

Pupils choose a meal to make then find the ingredients from different places in the kitchen. They are then taken through the cooking and preparation process, where they choose the correct utensils for the job. Finally, they invite a friend and enjoy the meal together.

This program can be used in tandem with real cooking and home management lessons. Although real experience is vital, Choose and Cook enables your class to focus on the actual processes without being distracted by the physical and cognitive challenges of individual tasks. The simple recipes in the program can all be easily produced in the kitchen.

Supports the UKs QCA  Developing Skills - Additional Priorities, documents and the DCSF initiatives in healthy eating and cookery classes. In supporting Design & Technology, it enables students to practice the skills necessary to plan a healthy meal, select and use the tools (utensils) and materials (food) they will need for the various processes, and communicate their understanding of what they have learnt through choice-making.

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Like the Choose and Tell series you can tailor the activities in Choose and Cook to suit your students` needs:

  • Back Button- This option allows the Back Button, which lets the student go back and choose a different item, to be removed.
  • Switch Access- Choose whether to use the mouse, touch screen, keyboard, IntelliKeys USB or one or two switches
  • Scan Speed- This controls the single switch scanning function, which automatically selects each interactive object on the screen in turn. It regulates the length of time that each object is highlighted before moving on to the next.
  • Scan Colour- The Scan Colour option controls the colour of the scan outline that appears when interactive objects on the screen are selected.
  • Auditory Scanning- You can decide to have the name of each choice shown on the screen read out as they are scanned. They will also be read out if you roll over the object with the mouse pointer.
  • Delay- Choose and Cook includes a "pre-acceptance delay" function. This is useful for students who make brief involuntary switch presses which you don`t want the program to recognise. If you set the delay to 0.4 seconds, the program will only accept switch presses that last longer than 0.4 seconds.
  • Print- An easy way to access ready-to-print recipes that can be used in activities away from the computer.

Compatible with: Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10

MSI Installer Included

Not compatible with Windows RT Windows RT is a version of Microsoft Windows built to run on ARM-based tablets and PCs. It works exclusively with apps available from the Windows Store.

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