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C-Pen Exam Reader


C-Pen Exam Reader


Product Description

The C-Pen Exam Reader

The C-Pen Exam Reader pen scanner is a major technological breakthrough for anyone wanting to read English Exam questions and is a life-saver for those who suffer from reading difficulties such as dyslexia. The C-Pen Exam Reader is a totally portable, pocket-sized device that reads exam text out aloud with an English human-like digital voice.

The exam pen is different from the C-Pen in that it has no Collins dictionary and no on-board storage features.

The pen is half the size of other portable pen scanners on the market and at 50g is half the weight. Importantly this means it can be used by a younger generation of English learners making this learning tool suitable for children (age 6+) and adults. This is the only portable line scanner on the market that is both Mac and PC compatible. There is no software required, just connect the pen up to a computer with a USB cable and it appears as an external hard drive. .

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    • Great for students with dyslexia, reading difficulties and English as a second language
    • Designed to allow students to be with their peers in the main exam hall with headphones plugged into their pens
    • Available in a class set of ten pens
    • Free future upgrades

    Scan to hear words spoken aloud - Text to Speech

    Optical Character Recognition Engine

    C-Pen Exam Reader contains a high accuracy OCR that enables you to capture and save quotes and other text of interest instantly. The text is saved in text files which is then easily transferred to your computer. Extremely handy if you are a student or a researcher or if you just want to save some text of interest. Simply use the pen to scan a word, a paragraph, or why not full pages. It´s easier than you think!

    For International Baccalaureate (IB)

    Apply to IB for authority


    • Screen OLED 256x64 display
    • CPU 600MHz
    • Memory - 4GB (OS 1G, User 3G)
    • Earphone 3.5mm
    • Battery 1,200mAh LiIon (takes about 3 hours to charge using micro-USB port)
    • Scan Font Size Range 6.5 - 22 pt
    • Certifications CE RoHS FCC
    • Size Dimensions: 135*33*19mm Weight: 50g
    • USB - USB 2.0 High speed / Micro USB
    • File System - FATFAT32NTFS
    • Menu Languages - English
    • Warranty: 12 months


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