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Big Keys LX Keyboard


Big Keys LX Keyboard


Product Description

BigKeys computer keyboards were created for anyone who struggles with vision or dexterity issues. The keyboards are standard-sized but with extra large keys for better control and contact, with large bold letters and numbers to improve readability, and high contrast lettering, proven to be easier on the eyes. The keys are 2.5cm square (1"), beveled to 3/4" square on the top surface - 4 times bigger than the keys on standard computer keyboards.

Great for users who require a simplified, less confusing keyboard layout - but still need access to BigKeys 97-character key set required for word processing, email correspondence and Internet browsing. Its innovative design reduces eye strain and improves finger contact and keyboarding control.

BigKeys LX is a standard size keyboard with 60 2.5cm (1") square keys, providing all essential key functions. With the large key tops and high contrast black letters on white keys or white letters on black keys the keys are much easier to see and press.

For especially high contrast for visually impaired users, choose the black letters on yellow keys option


BigKeys LX Features:

  • All keys are easy to see: four times as big as regular keys
  • QWERTY or ABC layout - Order either key layout. 
    (See information below on how to change the order of the keys)
  • Easy-to-read key labels
    • black letters on white keys, white letters on black keys or black letters on yellow keys
  • Contains all essential characters including all standard punctuation characters: 97 character keyset
  • Lowercase characters can be supplied and fitted on request
    • Note the default keys are uppercase and these keys are also supplied in case the user wishes to revert to upper case in the future
      • See under 'Available Options' below
  • Compatible with all major software packages ('Alt' key = Command (Apple) key, 'Ins' key = Option on USB Macs)
  • No special software required! Just plug into your PC in place of the regular keyboard
  • USB connector for versatile desktop and notebook connections
  • Compatible with Windows PC , Apple Macintosh and iPad#
    • Plug into your PC's USB port or your iMac G3 or G4's USB port in place of, or in addition to, your regular keyboard (Note: There is no ADB connector or adapter for older Macs available for BigKeys)
  • No Run-on option! Each key press generates only one character, no matter how long the key is held down
    • The other selectable option is to have standard Run-on style and either option is selectable through a simple key stroke combined with unplugging and plugging in the USB connection of the keyboard
  • Press and hold the "F" key and the numeric keys become F1 - F10
  • A Cursor Keys feature is available. Simply hold down the "F" key and the arrow pad keys become Page Up; End; Page Down and Home.
  • To accommodate one-handed operation, BigKeys LX provides an Assist Mode (see below)
  • BigKeys LX works with PC Windows OS computers and Macintosh OS computers.
    • Note: Macintosh users need to identify BigKeys LX to your Mac. Download the instructions as a pdf by clicking here

#Note: Connection to an Apple iPad® requires an iPad Camera Connector, which allows for connection of USB devices including cameras and Apple iPhone to the iPad. For iPad 3 and earlier models with the 30-pin jack (approx.$15). Also available is a Connector Kit for iPad 4 with the 8-pin 'lightning' connector ($35-$49) - purchase either from your local Good Guys or like. A 'how to connect' description is available from the East West Online site by clicking here.


More on Assist Mode:

The Assist Mode on BigKeys LX accommodates those who cannot press two (or more) keys simultaneously. Assist Mode works with and enhances the Windows "Sticky Key" Accessibility Option. When not in Assist Mode, the function keys are produced on BigKeys LX by pressing simultaneously the F key and a number key. (F+1 produces the F1 function etc.) The BigKeys LX Assist Mode enables you to press the F key and have it remain active until you press another key. In Assist Mode, the F key becomes a "Sticky Key".

Examples of using the BigKeys LX Assist Mode:

  • To obtain an "F1" in Assist Mode, press and release the "F" key, then press and release the "1" key.
  • To obtain an "Alt-F4" in Assist Mode, press and release the Alt key, then press and release the F key, then press and release the 4 key. (The Windows "Sticky Keys" Accessibility Option must be turned ON for this example.)

To enter the BigKeys LX Assist Mode, press the Caps Lock key three times in a row. To exit Assist Mode and return the keyboard to normal operation, again press the Caps Lock key three times in a row.


Changing the Order of the Keys:

The BigKeys LX keyboard can be configured in either ABC order or standard QWERTY order. To change the order of the keys on your keyboard:

  • Rearrange the keycaps: Remove all of the letter keycaps. This can be accomplished by looping a length of strong string under and at the centre of the keycap (dental floss works really well for this task), and pulling straight up with a quick, strong snap.
  • After removing the necessary keys, snap the keycaps back on in the new configuration.
  • Re-configure the qwerty/abc order by carrying out the following operations:
    • For qwerty order: with the keyboard unplugged and the computer on hold down numeric key 1 whilst plugging the keyboard back in to the computer
    • For abc order: with the keyboard unplugged and the computer on hold down numeric key 2 whilst plugging the keyboard back in to the computer
      • Earlier PS2 connector LX keyboard models had a switch fitted to accomplish this qwerty/abc conversion

Who would use the ABC layout?
The ABC order makes key location easy for those who are unaccustomed to standard keyboard (QWERTY) order. For example, young children can begin with an ABC layout, then as their typing skills progress it is a relatively simple operation to accommodate the change to the more advanced QWERTY layout.


Who would use the QWERTY layout?
The QWERTY key order accommodates those accustomed to a standard keyboard.

Special Characters: What Punctuation and Special Characters are Included on BigKeys LX?

BigKeys LX includes all the number keys, alphabet keys, and special characters that are available on a standard keyboard. These include:

  • Function Keys F1 through F10
    When you press and hold the "F" key, the numeric keys become F1 - F10
  • Cursor control keys
    Left, Right, Up, Down and when you press and hold the "F" key, these become Home, End, PgUp, PgDn
  • Shifted Numeric Keys
  • Other Function Keys - CapsLock, Ctrl, Ins, Del, Esc, Tab, Shift, Alt
  • Print Screen: F + P
  • Euro Symbol: F + E
  • ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )
  • Special Character Keys : ; " ` < , > . ? / ~ ` _ - + = | { } [ ]


Note: The seldom-used bracket characters are hidden on the keyboard. Use the F key in combination with another key, as follows:

  • To type a "[" - use F with ;
  • To type a "]" - use F with `
  • To type a "{" - use F with :
  • To type a "}" - use F with "


Characters available on a standard keyboard that are not on BigKeys LX include F11 and F12. Note also that as the BigKeys LX doesn`t have a numeric pad the Windows "MouseKeys" feature is not available


Please Note: There are 4 different models to choose from under 'Available Options/Model:' at the bottom left of this page. You can choose an ABC layout instead of QWERTY. Please select this option if you would like us to do it or you can alter the layout yourself. 
The options are:-

    • Black Keys, Uppercase (White characters on Black keys)
  • White Keys, Uppercase (Black characters on White keys)
  • High Contrast Yellow Keys, black characters, QWERTY, Uppercase
  • Black Keys , white characters, QWERTY, Uppercase
  • Multi Coloured, QWERTY, Uppercase

Scroll down to set your selection when ordering.

After product model and quantity (default value is 1) selection, click the 'Add to Cart' button (ordering >1 in different models will require repeating the 'Add to Cart' process). This takes you to the registration & payment pages where you can choose to pay by credit card (secure PAYPAL system) or direct deposit. Customers can also place an order online then phone (038682 9945) their credit card details through to finalize the transaction or simply phone in their complete order details during business hours (9-5.30 Mon-Fri).

School and other organisations ordering.
Organizations may choose to fax a purchase order to East West (0390178931) rather than use the online ordering system. Schools, government and private businesses will then be sent an invoice with the delivered goods (private businesses need to establish an account with East West Online). 

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