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Product Description

1 2 3

Ten fun activities to practice addition and subtraction with numbers from 0 to 20.

The program can be configured for individual students. You can choose to work with the number 0 or not, to work with plus only or minus only or both. You can choose the value of each number and also the value of the sum. Many motivating ways to practice some fundamental maths skills.

The Cat and the Mouse

Work out the sum and help the mouse home or else it will be eaten by the cat!

The Teddy and the Beds

Help the Teddy to the right bed

Count and Paint

For each correct answer a part of a picture is coloured in. When it is complete it will animate.

Penguins and Seals

Addition and subtraction is made more obvious by showing penguins and seals that are jumping up and down.

The Fish and the Cages

Help the fish out of the cages!

Count objects

Count with objects with some animation rewards.

Count objects of different kinds

Count the number of objects of the same kind. Great for visual discrimination.

Balloon hunt

Use the mouse or Space key/Enter key to move the catapult and fire the stone to burst a balloon. Try to miss the birds and bees!

Count with animated answers

Practice addition and subtraction up to a total of 9.

The Tree

Birds, bees and fruit animation reinforce the concepts of addition and subraction.

Download Resources:

  1. A demonstration copy of 1 2 3 is available from the Shiny Learning website. Please note the downloaded 'Setup123Demo.exe' file should be opened, which will save this file and place the icon for it on your desktop. To run the demo, double click on this icon, which will install the demo program as '123 Demo' as another PC desktop icon. Click on the latter to launch the Demo program..

PLEASE NOTE:When you order you will receive your download instructions and licence by email from us. This email will be from a human(!) so please do not expect an instant download upon purchase. Downloads are not refundable. Thank you/b>

Accessibility:The program can be used with a mouse, a touch screen, eye gaze, a keyboard or one or two switches.

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10


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